In the warm


In the warm

For those who would like to make this autumn even brighter there are three fashionable and warm trends.

Fur ennobles, gives a chic. Besides, if it is created by bright colors of rainbow, then success is guaranteed. After wearing unusual cloth, you start feeling differently: emotions, movements and walk. Is not this a miracle?

Bright furs are incredible popular and simple irreplaceable in this season. The most important that furs shall not to have the usual natural shade but is bright and colorful. Do not afraid of being a “black sheep” and bring some warm and joyful feelings s to snowy days with the help of your favorite color. Pink, purple, yellow… stand out from the crowd! The main thing in creating images from lush fur is a work with volume. A fur coat and waistcoat is better to combine with leggings or narrow trousers. The same can be said about dresses and skirts which should have an adjacent silhouette, a pencil skirt will give a perfect look. It is better not to add fur hats as image will become overloaded. The most appropriate here will be a woolen cap of large mating or a hat.


Classics of the genre

The simple turtleneck has ability to demonstrate the gracefulness of posture and all the delights of the figure. So, its closeness is attractively deceptive. She clearly draws a silhouette leaving flight for a fantasy. Usually, turtleneck is comparing with the veil of the wardrobe as it has ability to intrigue by closing the body but at the same time show all shapes of it. The first thing you should pay attention is ideally seated underwear. It should be smooth and not leave its mark in the image. Besides, the most important is that the neck of turtleneck must be open to the eye from all sides in order to demonstrate the neck line. Turtleneck can be remarkable by using and combining with any clothes. It can add more brightness with embossing, braids, a pattern in the small hem “noodles” or an unusual print .Turtleneck with velvet culottes or with pleated skirt looks both nontrivial and practical - two seemingly simple wardrobe items in tandem create an interesting duet.

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Soft tread

Soft, velvety, with a volume texture, changing the texture from glossy shine to matte and vice versa… It is all about corduroy, velour and velvet. These fabrics conquered the fashion podiums in this autumn-winter season. They have an excellent texture and look great in deep colors. There are no restrictions in the choice of colors. A win-win option is blue, green lime or all shades of red. It is better to combine the velvet fabric with knitwear, artificial or natural fur, chiffon, denim and leather. Buy everything that can make you happy-skirt, trousers, sundress, overalls, jacket, shoes, bag and even accessories.

Despite that fact the fabrics are similar there are some differences. Velvet is considered to be a noble fabric. Choose a chic velvet dress to go out and you will be in the spotlight. More softer and cozy velour has longer pile. Clothes made from this fabric are quite suitable for everyday images. The densest fabric is velour. It is used for producing bags, belts and jackets. Impressive velour dresses and skirts are perfect for autumn-winter season. It should be taken into the consideration that clothes from such fabrics do not require special accessories and additions, so that they will not overload the image.