Pink dream


A pink extravaganza reigns on the world’s podiums: amazingly gentle color was introduced in the fashionable palette under romantic name-puanta. It is a very beautiful pink light shade with purple tint. While looking at spring-summer shows it seems that many designers indeed decided to plunge into pink dreams.

In the collections, the abundance of this delicate color proclaims a new way of popularity of feminine style. How to make a pale pink not only a beautiful color on the way out but also be able to include it in your everyday wardrobe? The best solution for it is to combine a pink color with the basic ones: with white, grey, brown or black. A pale pink is considered to be the basic color as it easily coexists with other tones, so it could be easy to include it to your everyday wardrobe. The combination of pale pink and grey colors -classic, that option is even suitable for your business wardrobe. The combination of pale pink with white color is the most simplest and universal. Puanta and black color will look brighter but they are more practical. One of the actual and ever trended combinations is a pale pink and khaki (or dark green). You can focus on the military or safari style; combine a pink skirt with rough shirt or khaki jacket, complement image with a wide belt and rough shoes, or you can give a priority to the romantic color and stay(be) feminine. You can create a stylish and fashionable image with the right combination of colors that will add a little spice to your everyday wardrobe.